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Ingo Money Check Deposit Review from Houston, Texas 2 of 2 people found it helpful
I submitted a review a couple of weeks back regarding my payroll check. Being declined several times during processing. The reason being authorization needed from the company. My distress was related to the fees accumulated everytime i retied. I was informed it was because it was a hand written check. However it is printed. I am sorry to put all this here on the site for everyone to see however there is no number to contact anyone. I tried to...
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I don't know what was going on with my account I know I deposited a check and then my son was playing on my phone and I got to looking at it and he was messing around on my account and I guess he try to deposit a check more than once and now they have closed my account Ingo cash account my son had a check that he was playing with the old old check and he was trying to pretend to be me and took pictures of it and try to send it more than once now...
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I guess mine is the same as these! I used the app to deposit a check and said I'd wait the 10 days to receive the full amount. It's been 10 days and I still haven't gotten my money. Then 2 days ago i tried to deposit another check from my insurance company and they said the check didn't go through then they closed down my account the very next morning! I'm furious!!! Where is my money!??! And why would you close down my account?! I will have...
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I was falsely accused by this company of attempting to commit fraud by trying to upload a photocopy of a check to be deposited onto my prepaid debit card. The check I attempted to upload was not only the original check, but 100% legitimate. Furthermore, they offer absolutely no way to redeem myself of these allegations. To them, I am and always will be someone attempting to commit fraud. I didn't, and i don't appreciate them treating me like I'm...
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