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Tried to deposit a check but they say they cannot verify identity. I gave them all my correct personal information, have a bank account but wanted to use my prepaid card for business expenses to keep it in one place.

I spoke with customer service in chat on their website. They had me hold while they "checked my account" but still the same response, that they can't verify my account. Looking at other reviews I'm probably lucky they didn't verify mine.

It does make me nervous that they have all my personal information now. I wish I hadn't even tried the service due to the fraud complaints I'm reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ingo Money Check Deposit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Exact same thing happened to be


How do you chat with these jerks online? It won’t let me!

They have all my personal info now and I’m so worried. I will take further action not only against Ingo but also netspend for working with these scammers.


I’m so sick of this. how on the *** do inverify my identity?


I try to cash a check also and they said my Info don't match I been trying to get a hold of a live person or how do I fix it

to Irma #1563281

Same here!!! I call and they want my social but then they hang up on me!

I’ve never had this issue before. I used to upload checks in minutes.

Now they want my license picture and a photo of myself and it’s been 6 hours and I can’t even get ahold of a live person! So aggravating.


Same thing here


same exact issue here, paypal & meta bank both use ingo. I follow the verification process step by step and all i get is “unable to verify your identity” contact customer service (by email only btw) and they can’t do anything, basically i can just nevet use ingo, there were no further steps i can take or anything, just apologies we cannot verify you... no mobile deposit for me...


Funny, they let someone who stole my mail, cash a check made out to me. No one endorsed the check(signed the back of it) and the only ingo the their had on me was my name and address which were on the check itself.


It's been over a year since I first tried to use the ingo app and I got the same *** unable to verify your identity!! Like..

wtf?? So because your system is retarded and cant verify my info and identity it's my fault? Forever?

Lmao!! What a *** piece of *** app!


The same thing happened to me today. I'm going to reverse-engineer their iOS app and post the source code and its workings online in the coming weeks. Ingo, you had to know that in you screwing people over sooner or later you screw someone who would screw you back 10x harder.

to Echel0n #1538451

Hey Echelon, I was wondering if you ever got back at ingo for how you were treated? I'd love to do the same if you we're able to get anything done. Please let me know something at 33robsim54@gmail.com

to Echel0n #1542487

Ha ha! I love you!

did u do it? And did anyone figure this crap out yet?


They suck. Won't let me load a check because they can't " Verify my identity"...and they offer no solution or process to solve this issue. They basically just say " Because we are an inferior *** business that really can't provide the service we claim to, you're screwed "

Commerce, Georgia, United States #1310226

Attempted to cash a POSTAL MONEY order using IngoMoney to apply to my Prepaid PNC Card. They declined my request.

A Postal Money order? Wow.

They claim their decision was based on information they obtained about me from some credit agency in Florida. My credit score is only fair but what does MY credit have to do with the validity of a postal money order?

to Will #1460198

There a scam!!

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